Ulrim [울림] /ʊl-rim/ is

A Korean word meaning a reverberating sound such as bell-tolling. It is also used to describe inner reverberation when something resonates with our minds. Such an impression lasts long and influences our thoughts and behaviors. Likewise, my practice strives for echoing long-lasting impressions on our society.

I am Hyunseok An,

an audacious spirit, professional failure, endless iterator, social meddler, pragmatic non-conformist, mere part of nature, Buddhism and Design practitioner for human culture & mother nature.

From a science enthusiast awarded a silver medal at International Biology Olympiad, to a management consultant at Arthur D. Little, to a IT startup entrepreneur at I'mport;, and now, design practitioner in Masters of Indsutrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

  • MID, Industrial Design, Rhode Island School of Design | 2020 (expected)
  • BSc, Biological Sciences, Seoul National University | 2013
Professional experience



  • Business development lead, I'mport; | 2016
  • Management consultant, Arthur D. Little | 2015
  • Research assistant, Boston Consulting Group | 2012
  • Summer analyst, Investment Banking Division (M&A), Deutsche Bank | 2012


military service

  • Sergeant, Republic of Korea Marine Corps. | 2008
Technical Competencies
  • Handcrafting | wood & metal working
  • Digital prototyping | 3D printing, lasercutting, rhinoceros, keyshot, adobe suites
  • Physical computing | arduino-based interfaces, robotics
  • Programming | HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Processing
  • Augmented reality | unity & vuforia