a table to jazz up greenery experience - planting, gardening, farming, etc. - at home.

While there have been several attempts to marry with nature in a landscape and architecture level, our everyday interactions with plants are still limited, especially in an urban setting, due to lack of design consideration to inviting greens into our living spaces.

Credit: Stefano Boeri Architetti

What if a table attempts to blend with our nature?

CANOPY is an indoor garden table to enhance greenery experience at home. The table is designed to provide dedicated spaces to put plants at home short of space for greens, and it creates a small but unique indoor greenery landscape by merging with plants. Not only the removable table tops provide two different functionalities as a table as well as a plant holder simultaneously but also allow us to customize our own greenery experience: creating a small farm by putting herbs and vegetables or a garden with various plants.

The tabletop consists of two layers: seven removable lids with a grid frame and a supporting base below. The grid holds various sizes of indoor planters from 3 inches to 8 inches of diameter.

The wavy structures of the supporting base is designed to take into account how users would interact with the table such as watering and cleaning dirts. Also, the eye-catching pattern invites users to open the lids so it may lead them to do green activities.

This table incorporates aesthetic elements of traditional architectures in east Asia with its negative spaces on the bottom and horizontal protrusion.

ChangGyeongGung, Seoul, South Korea (credit: maizon)