'MOONGLOW' is a table lamp to embody the visual effect of moon glowing with its switch interaction.

Inspired by shimmering of moon light, it controls the light in the bottom hemisphere through the position change of the brass hemisphere at the top; turning it on when the brass hemisphere ascends and turning it off when it descends. Moonrise explores if the object can create emotional experiences that we often have from nature.


2 x 2 x 2 inches | off
2 x 2 x 2.5 inches | on

acrylic cube, brass


concept development

Moonrise was designed to explore the relationship of properties from different materials: acrylic and brass as the final project of Metals II at RISD. Especially, as two materials have different optical properties: transparent vs. reflective, I came up with a light object simulating moon glowing.

techniques | technical drawing & 3D renderinng
tools | Rhinoceros, keyshot

Technical drawing (final dimensions were adjusted later)
Technical drawing (final dimensions were adjusted later)
3D rendering of three variations


The form of the object was created by machine operations; mainly turning and milling.

techniques | metalworking: turning, milling, polishing, parting
tools | turning machine, radius cutter, bridgeport

Acrylic base in the milling vise
Acrylic base in the milling vise
Milling an acrylic cube with a ball-end
Clean surface (lower speed)
Frosted surface (faster speed)
Turning a brass rod of 2 inches
Hemisphere making with a radius cutter
Checked for precision
Making series with test pieces