a collaborative work with local communities to enrich the street landscape as well as to promote urban farming practices.

The members of ‘Urban Farm: Gathering,’ the course in 2019 spring at RISD, designed and implemented a sidewalk garden to beautify urban scenery at Hayward street in Providence whilst simultaneously promoting the importance of urban farming as a contemporary practice.

Team Members:

Hyunseok An | Rachel Au-Yeung | Teisha Bradley | Diana Gallo | Hannah Gensaw | Enrico Giori | Karin Hostettler |
Piper Matthew | Sara Naja | Architecture | Anuradha S. Soman | Lauren Tam | Dave Waite | Jisu Yang | Zi Ye ||
Laura Briggs & Jonathan Knowles

Can we intervene in the street environment to enhance the street vitality?

Existing conditions of Hayward street were more-or-less devastating; the sterile street environment might be enough to make people create unpleasant emotional experiences.

In collaboration with

The garden was implemented in collaboration with local communities:
Southside Community Land Trust, the Southside Community Land Trust Youth Group and Trinity Square Together, as well as others - stakeholders in the greenery management of the neighborhood. The members held workshops and meetings with all those who work in the area to address ideas and take their voices into account in the design.